Art designer: 1

1. Responsible for daily maintenance, update and soft text handling of corporate webpage.
2. Cooperating with planner to perform making and uploading of corresponding special webpage
3. Responsible for designing common pictures like plane propaganda material.
4. Responsible for collection, sorting, summarization, filing, etc. of information,


1. Majoring in art or plane design, junior college degree or above; the candidate who has strong sense of color needs no education background.
2. 1+ year work experience in plan and web design
3. Proficient in basic picture processing and web design software;
4. Having good art foundation and good creative design ability, and providing corresponding mature works;


Commodity Executive: 1

1. Performing standard management on inventory, exchange and refund of goods;
2. Assisting in management of goods account;
3. Responsible for distribution, delivery and return, pre-sales/after-sales service of goods;


1. 1+ year experience in product distribution;
2. Having related experience in management of goods account;

3. Modest and meticulous


Market Manager:1

1. Market promotion planning;
2. Sales promotion;

1. Having 2+year experience in market promotion
2. Having e-commerce marketing experience;
3. Familiar with B2C operation;
4. Having promotion experience in e-commerce.


Administrative and HR Staff: 1

1. Responsible for administration and HR


1. The candidate who has HR work experience is preferred.
2. Having strong executive capacity.